What's VoxBox?

VoxBox is a social community where children create, connect and inspire each other. It is a one of its kind, secure audio app for children. It is a community that encourages diversity and brings together diverse children from all across the country.

VoxBox is a community created by parents to give the children a safe space to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences. It is a platform where every voice is heard and cherished. With a wide variety of topics and activities, your child can imagine, think and create so much! VoxBox truly is a playground for a child’s imagination.

Let your child own their voice. Let them start this journey of fun, creativity, inspiration and mutual respect. In short, let them VoxBox!


Explore a variety of topics with fun engaging prompts that act as conversation starters

Discover hidden treasures, battle dragons, explore space, mix up magic potions, and many more exciting adventures!

Tell friends about your fun birthdays, family holidays and other such wonderful experiences.

What’s the one invention you would create to make your life easier? Share your bright ideas with us!

What do you feel about the current Indian cricket team? Should kids be allowed unlimited screen time? Your voice matters!

Become a tour guide and take us on a virtual tour of your city- tell us about interesting places to visit, the culture, monuments, and cuisine.

Kids can read aloud from special editions of kids newspapers to become a VoxBox news reporter!

Revisit your favourite fairy tales and popular classic stories and record them in your own words.

Get ready to unleash your special powers by becoming a Superhero on VoxBox! 

Will you be our next VoxBox Champ? Take part in fun contests on VoxBox & win exciting prizes!

Do you love to sing, act, write, play music, and much more? Here’s your chance to get in the spotlight & showcase your talents.

Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek

Your safe space!

Voxbox is a team led by parents who are paranoid about a kid’s safety and privacy. The app is both GDPR and COPPA regulated which completes the safety protocols.

Parental consent is required before a child makes their audio recordings public or shares with the community

Parental Control

No Location

We Don’t Sell Data

No Mobile Number

No Age

No Real Names

Flip The Box to enter the Playground for your imagination, where every kid’s voice matters! Hop on over!


When you create and record your VoxBox for others to listen and enjoy,
you become a VoxBoxer.

What’s truly awesome is that kids can become VoxBox Champs by creating narrations and by also appreciating other kids’ narrations.

And when you cheer others VoxBox narrations, you become a Cheerleader.

Certificate of Participation from VoxBox

3 month subscription to Robinage- India’s Favourite Newspaper for Children

Previous Contest Winners

Listen to other kids


Share your stories, ideas, thoughts and experiences in your own voice in a safe and secure environment. 

Download from the Google Playstore

upcoming events

Have fun events are hosted by VoxBox. They connect Kids To creative leaders from different fields and spark their imagination!



Brush calligraphy with Shagun Khanna

For Age: 3-5



Brush calligraphy with Shagun Khanna

For Age: 3-5



Brush calligraphy with Shagun Khanna

For Age: 3-5

media & news

Read what the media has to say about us!

“The founders of the app MaPa Story, Aditya Jaishankar and Sunder Raman have launched an app named Voxbox. ” – AdGully

“Edtech Platforms Encourage Kids To Create Content Through Innovative Means, As A Mode Of Learning”

 – New Indian Express

“Voxbox – A playground for your kid’s imagination. Here is the story of how Voxbox was launched.”

– Afaq’s


Our goal is to enable kids from across the country to connect through conversations.

Every fun VoxBox created by kids earns them cheer points which can be redeemed for in-app rewards!

So are you ready to start your VoxBox journey?

So are you ready to start your VoxBox journey? 3,2,1…Let’s go!